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Meet Jordan, sunny Libran from the Southern Shire of Sydney. Very talented multi disciplinary designer, creativity seems to be all around him like air. Maybe it's his astrological mix. From afar we've admired his work as well as the strength of his design ideals. We chat about what to put on your back, what to leave on the floor, and everything in between. 





A big long hug of at least 15 seconds. 


Molecule 04 by Escentric Molecules (my date secret, enhances your pheromones)


Britney Spears Album: B in the Mix, The Remixs [Velux Version]

Where did you grow up? 

South Sydney

What is your star sign?

Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Aquarius Rising - I’m all air!

What's your favourite part of the design process?

Making mistakes and failures - they inform all my work!

Furniture or fashion?

Furniture is fashion and fashion is furniture. 

What is inspiring you at the moment? Favourite designers or artists?

Fashion Designers

RAMP TRAMPTRAMPSTAMP by Niamh Galea, ALIX HIGGINS by Alix Higgins, Xnorkpowka by Chloe Corkran

Digital Artists/




Joe Brennan, Tim Lo, Jamie Heath

How do you feel about being a young creative based in Sydney?

Big picture thinking is applied to every article or object you produce… a shirt no longer is a “product” it extends into a mean-making, boundary breaking vessel for change.

You have recently released a new season of wearables can you tell us about it?

Every piece aimed to push the domestic sewing machine to capacity - evoking glitches and faults as part of the making process. Scrap material colliding and becoming one in new and exciting ways and discovering new ways to hold textile together for the human body to embrace! I also deep dived back into my print making and graphic training which is where I started. I want people to rethink the destruction of garments - the narrative of clothing having spills, frays, holes on them and reconstitute meaning to things!

And what’s next with your objects / furniture?

A chair series, collapsable pieces and collaboration with non-furniture makers! The objects always 

What is over the 2020 Rainbouu for you?

Only my nine bullet point manifestation card in my wallet knows this!

Check out  GOGOS.ONLINE and some images of Jordan's work below



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