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If you tried to put a pause on Byron Spencer, you probably wouldn't have any luck. Jumping the boundaries of creative boxes, he can do it all. And very well. His newest music project, Deep faith, is a testament to this. From taking photos at parties 10 years ago, to now shooting for the likes of Antidote Mag and the worlds most interesting people, his passion pursuit is on an upwards trajectory. 

What does the word escape... 

Feel like? Feels like freeness….which feels…mature and exciting.

Smell like? Smells like Iceland which is strange cause ive never been there.

Sound like? Sounds like a sound meditation that would put you to sleep in the best way.

Taste like? Tastes like something you’d eat at Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory that would look like an atom and be any texture, temperature or flavour you'd want it depending on your mood.

Fave band at 13? Possibly Chicago or The Spice Girls

Guilty pleasure? Married at first sight

How did Deep Faith come about? When i msgd dan (Stricker) asking him if he ever needed or wanted someone to play the flute and sing like a woman on anything.

What were you doing 10 years ago? Taking photos at parties!

What / who do you draw inspo from outside of photography and music? nature and travel. Society…culture.

2020 manifestations? Find a plot of land to build a shed on in 2021.

What's at the end of your rainbouu? The end of my rainbouu.. maybe a time travel machine…

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