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Beaming is a word that comes to mind when thinking about Teneil Throssell, the Perth born Libran DJ / producer known as HAAI. Shining light and smiling bright, since leaving Sydney’s shores in 2010 she has based herself in London where she’s had a residence at Phonox, won the BBC Radio 1 essential mix of the year 2018 and travelled the world beaming her hypnotic sounds. All with the perfect mix of darkness and that signature light.  

What does escape ..
Feel like? It feels like sun kissed skin and sand under your feet. It feels like the kind of tiredness you get from swimming in the sea all day. It feels lie a sore tummy from laughing all day.
Taste like? It tastes like salt water and mangoes.
Smell like? It smells like coconuts.
Sound like? It sounds to me like that tune by the Avalanches ‘Two Hearts In 3/4 Time

Who was your favourite music artist/band at 13?
Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, for sure.
What's it like being an artist during this crazy time in London? Will all of your sets be moved to an online stream? 
It took a little adjusting at first because I usually spend most of my life travelling for shows. I did a boiler room from my flat  and another dj mix for the BBC, but have mainly just been producing music from home. We go out for our one run or bike ride a day and the rest is just making music and eating snacks.

What are the top 5 things keeping you sane during iso?
1.) Making music
2.) Exercising inside and outside of the house (outside Once a day only)
3.) Speaking regularly with friends.
4.) Alice (My girlfriend )
5.) Tiger King

Have you somewhat enjoyed  taking a rest from the nightlife?
It was nice to have a little rest and to catch up on a few years worth of sleep. But I think I’m built for touring. I really love it so much and really miss the interaction with new friends in different countries.

You think we will find our way back to the dance floor OK?
I think the return to the dance floor will be epic and full of so much love. I really can’t wait.

What spots have you really missed playing?
So many. As I write this is should be in Ibiza preparing to play Circoloco at DC-10 and then would have been flying to Detroit tomorrow for Movement festival and a tour with Bicep.

Sadly I’ll also miss my first set at Panorama bar. However these things will all be rebooked. If it were allowed I’d literally play to three mates in a back yard if it meant we could dance for a few hours lol.

We met in Sydney and forged our friendship on the dance floor. It’s changed a lot since you last lived here. What’s the international perception of Sydney like these days? 
We did and I’m so grateful for that. I miss dancing with you back home.

It’s pretty wildly known internationally that the lockout laws have made for a pretty tough scene in Syd. But people talk about the great underground parties happening there as well.

Any new music coming up we should listen our for?
I have a new EP coming out on Mute very soon.

I’ve also kept busy with some remixes that will be out over the summer.

What's at the end of your rainbouu?
A table tennis table a bottle of Radikon and Alice.

HAAI wears:
Nightcrawler Turmeric Shirt Dress
Sun Children Long Sleeve Shirt


Words by Michael Nolan and Jeet Pavlovic

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