“I want to show the funner side of it. Its’ not a serious sport, let’s be honest."

Fun Boys Entertainment Systems 'CEO' , Harry Triglone, is stripping surfing back to its purest form - Fun. Originating in 2015 as 'a bit of a joke', Fun Boys morphed into two surf cult movies. These light hearted films follow the worlds favourite free surfers, stabbing the WSL's corporatism with pure joy and bong jokes.  Here the Byron Shire local talks all things Travel, Film, Study and Covid-19. 

P.s  Watch Harry's newest clip "Tea Party" here. 

How long have you been Fun Boy'ing and what is it in a nut shell?
I've been fun boy'ing it for a few years now, I think it originated in around 2015 as a bit of a joke and before long morphed into a short film , which then turned into 2 full length surf films ("Fun Boys" and "Fun Boys 2") and along the way i've done a few shirts and trackies and other novelty pieces of merch which you can find at www.funboys.org .  

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Now’s a good time for mental traveling. If you could go back somewhere you’ve been before for work, where would it be and why?
It is, I guess everyone has had a lot of time to think with the world shutting down for a while. If I could go back somewhere i'd probably go back to the Telo islands in Indonesia or anywhere around Sumatra it's so nice there. Or maybe Tassie or NZ also so nice there.

Where’s it taking you next?
Nothing planned and I don't think there will be much overseas travel happening for the next 6-12 months. Maybe a good time to explore more of Australia? i've been to most states but haven't even scratched the surface of this crazy island.

What’s your favourite surf film ever?
there are too many to name one. but some honorary mentions off the top of my head are : The Bruce Movie, First Chapter, Ocean Rhythms, Chrystal Voyager, Lost 5'5 original and redux, campaign 1 and 2 there's too many really 
What's your favourite non surf film ever?
hmm maybe True Romance or The Blues Brothers hhaha

So you’re studying bush regeneration- what made you interested in that? Are you hoping to venture down that path in the future?
I've always been interested in plants and stuff but never really new anything about them. My dad did heaps of crazy bush re-gen stuff when I was younger and me and my brother used to go to landcare in Bellingen with him every second Sunday or something when we were kids so I have always been around it. I was just randomly looking at courses one day and saw the course and thought it would be good to learn about it.  It might be cool to do it for work but it's just cool learning about plants and the way nature works and how  you can help places naturally regenerate. It's pretty cool and would definitely be rewarding work.

How’s the current atmosphere in Byron with the COVID situation? I would think it’d be kind of nice to have a break from tourists but then the town depends on it too..
Yeah Byron definitely runs on tourism but its so nice seeing it relatively empty. I drove through today and there were massive concrete blocks blocking the beach carparks. Definitley a weird time. Hopefully the world learns to slow down and stop trying to move into the future so fast and stop being so obsessed with money.

Here we hung with Harry whilst he filmed a little video of our friend Cloudy Rhodes.

Harry wears the Lilac Free Entry Shirt, and our Black Surf School Swim Short.

Words by Jeet Pavlovic

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